The Benefit of Longrich Panty Liner

The panty liner is not designed for  menstruating ladies . Rather it is designed to cure diseases of various kind. It could be used under pant by male or female. The green strip has three powerful energy giving properties. 
1)Magnetic energy
2)  Anion and
3)Far- infrared. 
1) Magnetic energy gives energy, enhance self protection and stimulates the body magnetic feed to speed up discharge of toxins from the human body.
2) The far-infrared  prevent and cure gynaecological diseases such as fibroid, ovarian cyst, Virginia infections etc.
3) Anion kills bacterial thus eliminates ordour, prevent itching, cures and prevent rashes around the virginal.

The panty liner is effective in the treatment or prevention of the following medical condition. Fibroid, Fatique, foot odor, infection, breast lump, arthritis,cervical cancer,old sour, ashma, headache etc. 
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Be healthy, be wealthy

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