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Success Story of an Entrepreneurial journey of Four (4) years

So last week Saturday it was all about Udeme Ekoriko Etibensi as she celebrated her 4 years of Entrepreneurial journey and also unveiling of a Multi Million Naira Mall she built in Uyo from a business she started four years ago with a borrowed 35k.
It was as if a senator was having birthday or one politicians party, I was filled with tears, love admiration and I must admit envy as well.
But most importantly, I was inspired and challenged. I also feel the need to inspire/challenge someone to rise up today and dare to dream big.
Pls read her story below…

3 yrs ago I was  working as a school teacher in a private Nursery school in Uyo earning N25,000(Twenty-Five Thousand Naira). I have my two kids plus  hubby to feed with just N25,000 monthly salary as hubby just lost his job.

Frustrated and tired  of months of non payment of salary, living from hand to mouth and waiting for manner to fall down from heaven. I decided to take my Destiny in My hand I ventured into the unknown and that singular decision changed my story till date.
A friend of mine who had earlier introduced me to some products that helped heal my hormonal imbalance and dysmenorrhea introduced me to Longrich  business as well. As interesting as the business sounded, I didn’t have the N35,000 start up capital required for it but I eventually had to bring down myself and accepted help from her. (i borrowed N35,000 from her). 

Few months later, I left my job and faced the business squely and 6 months down the line I have 2 brand new cars to show for it not to mention the huge income, exposure, trips etc that came along side.
But the struggle still continued.
In 2015, a year later,  I became a 1 star director and was given  N25million Naira cash  award plus a 6M Naira annual salary paid twice a year as Stokist. Still not stopping because my target is to hit 5 star director in 5years then retire.
Last year 2016 I  went home with a Range Rover Vogue when I became a 2 star director, having gone for my masters degree in the USA sponsored by the company. I also got two slots for a full 4 years degree scholarship for anyone of my choice which I gave out to my staff Kent and the other for my kid brother still not stopping. 
All these are aside my weekly earnings….
I can boldly say that there is no week that I don’t go home with at least 1.5M Naira worst case. Sometimes it’s higher. This does not include the ones earned in my sons’ and mum’s name as I equally registered them under me.
I travel first class and business class courtesy of the company.

Earlier this year I was a speaker at the African Women in Business Congress@Ritz Carlton,Virginia Washington DC. Where I mingled and dined with African business women from all over Africa.
Today being 12th August I am celebrating my 4th year in this amazing business plus unvailing of my exquisite Mall in Uyo with exclusive products co-sponsored and produced by Longrich Patent .
Its not by my power, it’s Grace determination and hard work.
Don’t you ever settle for less
Resist the temptation of comfort zone
In whatever to are doing, always aim and work for the top.
Your resilience will announce you someday.
If I could then you too can.
Now you know what to do, chat me up let’s make history for you too. You can’t continue to be a dreamer, you too can be an achieve.
#LongrichRocks, #LongrichDelivers, #LongrichPays.
Now let’s bring your dream to reality for business contact me here(08064749685) both for Whatsapp and calls.

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