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And I Have Come To Testify!

You know, nothing makes you happier than seeing another person happy because you touched his/her life in one way or the other.
You feel an indescribable joy. One that flows from within. That is the joy I felt on 3 different occasions that I was able to put smiles on the faces of 3 families close to me.

LONGRICH is a business of people who love to help others become better in all ramifications.
We are not sales people, we are entrepreneurs, we help people with what God has placed in our hands making many live a financially stable and healthy life.

Now to my gist.
I came on board Longrich last year and got to know your entry level amount is actually for you to choose what you want from the list of high quality, ISO certified products Longrich offers. Most of them daily consumables.
I saw from the list the attached products(fertility supplements and antibacterial pantyliner which kills 99.9% bacteria), I read up what they could do and just one thought came to my mind: my younger younger sister needs this! She had been married for 2 years without an issue and doctors kept prescribing different medication and diagnosing hormonal imbalance, infection low sperm count and the like. I filled my registration form and on my product form I ticked these 3 just for her and her hubby. I said I would use her as an experiment. LOL.

I called her to come over to my home and pick up something I had for her to help her situation, she was more than happy. She came and started off with the treatment religiously. My people I told her to come back 2 weeks  later to pick up another supplement specifically for infections(Cordyceps) as I couldn’t purchase it at entry, my sister returned the 3rd week to tell me she hadn’t seen her period and it has never happened before. I told her to have patience that may be the supplements altered her cycle. Told her to wait for another week but in the meantime stop using the pantyliner (not for pregnat women) till we confirm.
My sister didn’t wait for 1 week o, LOL, 4 days later she ran to a lab and did a blood test and viola! It came out positive!
My joy knew no bounds. She was happy, everyone was happy. This made family members begin to pay attention to me and my LONGRICH. LOL, they were laughing at my proposals initially. This was how we started the 9 months journey and baby Iheoma was born at the due time healthy and stress free.
In the same vain I have helped 2 other couples with similar cases.

Longrich’s slogan is …Better life, better future!
This is very real in all ramifications.

You too can be a channel to bless a friend or a relative.
You are hearing this today, you can be a blessing by sharing the good news.
When duty calls, would you obey the call?

I am happy to have been able to bless lives through longrich, I am happy helping people own their lives, I am happy building a team of entrepreneurs, I am happy my family has been blessed and is still blessed through Longrich platform, I am happy working towards financial freedom, I am happy living healthy, you too can be a partaker.

I present to you baby Iheoma, my Longrich baby! Actually one of them. Hahaha

Thanks for reading my epistle to the end. LOL.
Now you know, help that friend of yours, share the good news. Will you?

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