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Guys guys guys, I bet you can feel the excitement in my voice, whoop whoop I feel like screaming. Finally I did it. Wow am so glad. 

Now you are wondering, what’s making her excited right, since I started blogging about Longrich products on this site, alot of you have been interested on how to get the Longrich Products, and a good percentage have major interest in the Longrich Sanitary Napkin, and then I started out trying to integrate an online shop for flexibility of purchase of any of the products for you guys. Oh but time, and time again, one thing or the other happened and several obstacles just kept stopping me, I almost gave up but then that’s obviously not in my nature to do. So today finally we can say, you will not only come here to read about the amazing benefits of longrich products, but you will also get to place your order and get them delivered to you.

Now enough of the bla bla bla. A few things to note on how to go about placing your order swiftly are:
1. You need to create your own shopping account to keep track of your orders. which simply requires your Name, Email and Password
2. You select the product that you want to buy 
3. When you get to checkout you will observe that our payment method for now is only Paypal, this is because I want to you to be secured while shopping on this site. So if you don’t have a paypal account its also free, you register and viola you complete your transaction.
4. Payments are in USD, this is because for some technical issues, this is the only form of payment that we can accept at this time. Don’t worry it’s only the equivalent of whatever currency that you are paying with that will be deducted from you paypal account.
5. Shipping is free within Nigeria.
So, this is me saying thank you to all of you who have been coming to the blog and making inquires on how to buy Longrich Products, you all pushed me this hard and for that this vision has been birthed. Thanks guys for inspiring me. 
After placing your order, do tell me what your shopping experience was like, do we need to improve, genuine criticism is welcomed. If you have more ideas on how we can improve, please share in the comment section below. 

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