1. Fast moving daily consumable products sanitary napkins, pantyliners, bamboo soaps, mosquito repellant sprays, mouthfreshners, bodywashes/creams, health wines, antiperspirants, handcreams, toothpaste, shampoos, coffee, health teas, effective nutritional supplements, energy pots, alkaline cups, nutrivrich vegefruit drinks etc.
2. Weekly bonus payments (‘green thursday’)
3. No monthly target , no pressure work at your pace to grow in ranks (only a one-off investment)
4. Points (PVs)are cumulative, no loss of points due to inactivity
5. Only 3 direct downlines (legs) required. This enforces team work so we help one another expand.
6. Product driven business (highly effective products with many amazing testimonies)
7. Earn on all generations till infinity
8. Multiple earnings (earn in multiple registrations), Make money when u Build 2 legs, achieve financial freedom with car, travel and house incentives when you build 3 legs
9. Products are ISO (international standards organisation) and NAFDAC certified,
10. LONGRICH is one of the MLM company operating in Nigeria that was rated top 50 by Direct sales News in its 1st 2 years.
11. Only MLM to send directors for an exec MBA in the US and only MLM to give BSc scholarships to directors or wards
12.Only MLM that produces or does R&D under OEM for A list companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Woolworths, Marks n Spencer,  Avon,  Samsung, Alcatel etc.
13.Only MLM that owns it a own tertiary institutions/research centres

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