I know you buy your daily consumables monthly i.e. your toothpaste, roll-on, mouth fresheners, body cream, soap, sanitary towels and panty liner (for women), hand cream, body wash and the list goes on…..

I know you also need supplements to maintain good health…..

It’s a common practice that whenever you find a good product, with good prices and quality, you share with your friends and loved ones….

Today I’ve got my recommendations for you as well…..

It’s about our company (LONGRICH) it offers everyone a unique opportunity for you  to come and join us….. simply switch your brand of daily consumables from brands that does not offer you anything extra and never compensates you irrespective of how long you have used there products

The basic requirement is quite simple…. Pay your money into the company’s account directly and submit your basic details:

Applicants Name: Your Name

Gender: Your Gender

Phone No: Your Phone Number

City/State: The City and State you live in

Date of Birth: Your Date of Birth

Name of Bank: The name of your bank

Account Holder’s Name: Your Account Name, (Longrich will pay you with the account details that you provide)

Account Number: (Your Account Number to receive payments from Longrich

Sponsorship Code: NG01351728


Products: Select products worth your Entry level.

This details are needed so that the company can award points to your name with your unique registration code.
Also note that you only select products that you need and no extra charges.

If peradventure you choose to tell your friends let’s say 3 to do this same thing, obviously you earn points for yourself as well and they earn too. If they do the same thing like you, they also earn and so on and so on…

I know you stand to lose nothing absolutely. You are rather laying a solid foundation of being healthy and wealthy at the same time for your future generation…. You also liberate your friends from poverty by showing them this great opportunity  for life….. What better way to touch a life?

We also have 3 scholarships; 2 in Soochow University in China to study for a 2-years course and the other is a 4-years degree of any course of your choice, while the 3rd one is an Executive MBA in Regis University in Denver, Colorado in the USA… All 3 scholarships are completely transferable should you choose not to attend, so you can change at least 3 people’s lives for good.

Yearly our company gives you an opportunity to change your car as it awards car promos yearly, your car can also be exchanged for money instead.

You are giving the opportunity of enjoying our 3 times in a year foreign trips to USA  and 2 other countries or exchange it for money should you choose not to travel….

Our company also gives you the opportunity to start off your own business through them and more so you can help a lot of people living with several health challenges to get better…..we have countless testimonies in the cases of toothace, pile, STDs, fibroid, fertility problems, tuberculosis, asthma, diabetes, and healthy immune boosters for people living with HIV and AIDs.

Do you know that our company is not just and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ODM (Original Design Manufactures) manufacturing company, Longrich is also the biggest and the most technologically advanced manufacturing company in the whole of Asia…..

Aren’t you intrigued……..

In partnering with Longrich, you simply want to run with the vision of the president of Longrich which says: ‘Longrich has an ambitious goal of giving each of us not only the chance to live in a harmonious and healthy environment but also build a successful business’.

Becoming a longrich partner will greatly impact your health and much more than that enable you achieve the financial status and lifestyle you have set for yourself. This is because Longrich is one of the leading Direct Selling Company and trustworthy global Direct Marketing Company, and now dominating the cosmetic sector and daily care industry in China with about 30 years expansion stability in annual production capacity of 20,000 Tons of cosmetics and production valued at 15.7 Billion Naira per year.

Longrich also has more than 2000+ high quality products ranging from Personal Care, Skin Care series, Health food series, Health Instrument series, Women care, Incense care to Wine series which are all being marketed by the networking department of the company which started in 2008. 

Longrich has for years complied with social and business ethics with honesty, openness and faithfulness, so to help the society fight against diseases, improve and share better life conditions with all. Longrich has been committed to its shareholders, customers, employees and are effectively fulfilling their responsibilities, obligations as to ensure together a better and sustainable development.

Your payment qualifies you to become a longrich partner both in Nigeria and globally.

FIND BELOW A COPY OF THE FORM. Alternatively you can download the form and email a filled copy of the form to me. My email address is:

Longrich offers you the opportunity to Health and Wealth. 

Welcome To Longrich

You can call/Whatsapp me here: +2348064749685
BBM PIN: 7BA1050A 

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