The foot is to us what the root is to trees. Because of its position, your foot mirrors your general health. It is termed the ‘second heart’ of the human body. The foot accounts for 25% of the bones in the human body. It carries one-half of the body’s weight when walking. With so many nerve endings in the foot, it is one of the nerve-rich parts of the body.

How Does The Aplus Energy Shoes Work

The A-plus energy shoes contain super-magnetic energy and herbal materials which synergistically stimulate reflex/acupuncture points (known as reflex zones) on the foot. This action enhances musculoskeletal activities as well as blood circulation to organs whose channels terminate on the foot. Increased blood circulation means increased oxygen supply to these organs, thereby energizing them.

Features Of The Aplus Energy Shoes

1. First human power bank: Recharges, reboots and revitalizes
2. Energy materials consist of super-magnetic materials and natural plants
3. Exclusive mechanical correction technology (shapes foot arches/ rectifies body skeleton/corrects spinal column)
4. Unblocks all meridians, channels and collaterals
5. Arouses self-repair and self-healing potentials
6. Stimulates blood circulation to all organs of the body, promotes metabolism and eliminates toxins from the blood
7. Increases stamina
8. Balances and aligns all angles of the bones thereby treating joint issues
9. Exquisite raw materials. Handmade with Italian craftsmanship
10. Based on 5 theories including reflexology, biomechanics and ergonomics

The Aplus Energy Shoe Are Suitable For:

> People who tire easily
> People suffering from chronic diseases and insomnia
> People on Constant medication
> People with active lifestyle who want improved performance
> Nursing mothers: promotes recovery and lactation
> People with joint issues, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
> Stroke patients
> Cervical/lumbar spondylosis patients
> People with hormonal imbalance
> People with painful periods
> People with cardiovascular diseases
> People who are wheelchair bound
> People with varicose veins

The Aplus Energy Shoes Are Not suitable for:

> Pregnant women
> People with internal/cerebral/retinal haemorrhage (bleeding)
> People wearing pacemakers
> People with high fever

Expected Timelines with energy shoes:

After 1 minute: Experience instant energy
After 10 minutes: Significant reduction in pain when pressure is applied to the disease reflex area
After 3 days: Strength is regained and spine is strengthened
After 90 days: All meridians and channels are unblocked, significant improvement in condition

Caution: Keep shoes away from water or mud to avoid damage to the energy materials


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