Are you considering an alternative income option?
Choose LONGRICH! Longrich Int’l is a Chinese multinational company established in 1986 and has been in existence for 30 years, with its research and development institutions in America, Japan, France & China. Longrich has over 2000 products from eight different categories such as:

  • Cosmetics,
  • Health Care Products
  • Household equipment’s 
  • Furniture
  • Real Estate & Logistics. 

Longrich is known for product quality, that’s why we manufacture products under OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer) for big companies like Forbes, GSK, Carrefour, Walmart, Unilever, Marks and Spencer, Estee Launder, Avon, Tesco, P&G, etc. Longrich has the largest and most advanced centre for the research, development, manufacturing and sales of cosmetics and health care products in China; with our products in over 50 countries.

The compensation plan of Longrich is fantastic, meaning you will be handsomely rewarded for simply buying everyday items that you need in your household, no other business or organisation can do this! You can start this business with just #60,000.00(ofcourse you will be given products worth this amount) and this could turn into thousands. Longrich compensation plan provides many other incentives to help further in the business these include trips, houses, cars and its amazing products. No pressure and no monthly sales targets, you can achieve your desired financial status in Longrich in your own time and according to your own finances.

You simply need 3 parters, they will be your first generation. After joining, you are expected to introduce 3 people to the business, with the help of the team, you will teach those 3 people, and encourage them to get their own downlines, just as you have. 

With Longrich you will earn in  different ways:

  • Performance Bonus – where you are paid according to the performance of your legs(partners), determined by your entry level
  • Development Bonus – Where you are paid for building your team
  • Leadership Bonus – You are paid on sponsorship trees up to 12 generations
  • Retail Order Bonus – You are paid on repeat orders (minimum 30PV)



1.VIP-1680PVN590,000.00(AboutUSD 2500): Earn 1% share of global sales from 187 countries that Longrich operates 
from + 12% of Team Work as weekly bonus.
2. PLATINUM – 720PV N270,000.00 (About USD1080): Earn12% Team Work weekly bonus
3. GOLD – 240PV N100,000.00: Earn 10% Team work weekly bonus)
4. SILVER – 120PV – N60,000.00: Earn 8% Team Work weekly bonus)

You are allowed to select products of your choice worth your money! The catch is in achieving financial
financial freedom through this opportunity offered by Longrich, if you decide to become a partner! 
Longrich distributes its innovative products through highly motivated distributors using network 
marketing method, but unlike other network marketing companys it offers greater profitability 
flexibility as there is no Target!

1. Maximum of 3 legs
2. No time frame (no pressure)
3. No compulsory monthly purchases (target)
4. Weekly bonus payment (green thursday)
5. Grow at your own pace
6. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points.
7. Leadership is easily achievable.



Apart from bonuses paid directly into your account every week based on your team’s volume, the company organizes minimum of  all expense paid international trips annually for 
qualifying partners! 


Longrich has 2 car awards yearly. Over 140 brand new cars given out in our barely
3 years! On the 27th of October 2015 during Longrich Int’l 3rd anniversay in Nigeria, this world
class company gave out 7 SUVs, 5 cheques for N25MM each for house fund for those who attained
Star Directors status and over 35 brand new cars for qualifying members (including partners who
joined the company this year!) 


Join, bring in 3 people, with the support offered by my team, you and your 3 people are taught, trained
and encouraged to duplicate their own teams by each using his social capital to build a community
of entrepreneurs! In a nutshell, the business is fun, extremely exciting and rewarding!


1. Performance bonus: Your entry status as Silver (8%), Gold (10%), or Platinum/VIP(12%) determines
your earning power! PB is paid weekly on all generations till inifinity! 
2. Development bonus: (10% flat) paid on 2 highest PV(Product Value) per level! 
3. Leadership bonus: (10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12th generation according to your level
4. Repeat/Retail order bonus: (21% – 45%) paid on every repeat purchase orders of 30pv & above!!


1. Platinum VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich Global Sales every cycle) it can be converted to
2. Worldwide Incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of company global sales
3. Star Directors Worldwide Incentive: (earn 2.5% of company’s Global Sales).

The earning potential in this business is huge. All that is required is DRIVE, PASSION, FOCUS,
ACTION and PERSISTENCE. The earning percentages increase as you move up the marketing plan
unlilke in other network marketing companys where it decreases! Your earning increases and 
explodes as your team grows; that’s why it’s possible for a distributor who has only been in the business
for 6 months, to earn 2million and more monthly, qualify for brand new cars and international vacations.

Our compensation is superb and highly generous, and will lead to true financial freedom but you must
WORK to achieve it, if you wait for a perfect condition, you will never get started, the best time to start is NOW….

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