I know we are familiar with the common saying “health is wealth”but first off, is being healthy expensive, do you think to live a healthy lifestyle you got to empty your wallet, often times we think its only the rich that can be healthy, oh they got all the money in the world to live a healthy lifestyle, but obviously the little practices we indulge in on daily basis is what forms how healthy we are, so suffice me to say that to live a healthy lifestyle its first of all a decision that you need to take and which does not depend on how heavy or light your purse is. 

Just tell yourself you know what? I want to take good care of this container ‘body’ in which my spirit and soul dwells, it’s not to be treated as a garbage bin for everything that comes around. 

Health is something I’m passionate about, beginning from what I eat, how clean my environment is, the water that I drink, how clean my vegetables are and all what not….I am on a journey of a healthy lifestyle and will be sharing my journey on this blog to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle irrespective of your bank account or how fat or empty your purse……. just determine within you and say, I AM GOING TO LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, OR I AM STARTING A  JOURNEY OF HEALTHY LIVING….So this blog is seemingly for this purpose, I want to be accountable to myself and  I know sharing about my journey will inspire me to be consistent…. because without consistency I can stop…

So if you want to be wealthy, I welcome you on board as we cruise the lifestyle of healthy living together……..

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